"De-stress before Christmas come brighten up a winter's day and join us for a full day of varied yoga, fresh food and good company"  



10am- 5pm 


To book call 07885933037 or email elisawilliamsyoga@gmail.com

My next one day urban yoga retreat this years is from 10am  - 5pm on Saturday December 13th. For those of you who have not attended before these one day 'yoga hikes'  have proved to be really enjoyable, both for us organising them and for the participants, many of whom are now regular and enthusiastic attendees

I try my best to make these yoga days suitable for everyone, from beginners to those with experience of yoga and encourage students to listen to their own bodies attentively and learn how to adapt poses and sequences to suit their own level of strength, stamina and flexibility. You will have the opportunity to develop your practice during an extensive morning session which we will spend exploring how we can transform the intensity of our practice by awakening the core body. We will focus on a sequence of asana that really engage with the core muscles and learn how maintaining a conscious connection to the core can illuminate and enhance our practice.  We will also have plenty of time in this extended class to work on various core strengthening techniques and longer held poses that bring with them a deeper, meditative quality to our yoga practice.    


This morning session will be followed by a freshly prepared vegetarian lunch where we like to produce new and interesting seasonal dishes for us all to try followed by some of our homemade cake. After lunch we will go out and enjoy some fresh air on one of our traditional 'yoga hikes' together around. This time the Serpentine and Kensington Gardens which is close by. After our walk, the afternoon class will be more restorative and focussed on relaxation. It will comprise yoga gently, breathing techniques and deep, guided relaxation known as yoga nidra. You will get the chance to experience the essence of yoga and the way it unites us all over  a longer period than you can in a regular yoga class and  have the opportunity to get to know some lovely like-minded people, enjoy some beautiful urban scenery and return home feeling thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. 


We remain committed to keeping our day retreats as affordable to as many people as possible and have kept them at £60! This price includes all drinks, snacks and the freshly prepared vegetarian lunch. 

Please EMAILelisawilliamsyoga@gmail.com or call 07885933037 AND send a cheque made payable to Elisa Williams Yoga to 38 Ingersoll Road London W127BD  

Alternatively you can pay by internet banking into my account please email me for details. 

Please let me know the names and contact details of everyone who is attending if you a reserving places for anyone other than yourself.