My Students

My adaptable non dogmatic yoga style has meant that my students do not come from any particular demographic. They come from all backgrounds, ages & abilities. Over the many years that I’ve been teaching, my yoga classes have included teenage & family groups, ‘forever forties’, pregnant women, corporate clients & work colleagues & those requiring a more restorative & gentle yoga practice at any time in their lives.

Elisa Williams Yoga


I originally qualified to teach yoga with The LifeCentre in West London (later to be rebranded as Yogacampus). This 18 month, 200hr course gave me a broad canvas upon which to paint my interpretation of yoga. I highly recommend it to any of my students interested in training to teach yoga.

I am the mother of five, now grown up children & a one-time, long-term sufferer of chronic back pain. These personal experiences of pregnancy & childbirth & looking after a young family while managing chronic pain gave me plenty of opportunity to develop my yoga practice both on & off my yoga mat.

Through them, I certainly now feel qualified to appreciate & understand how to adapt my yoga teaching for pregnancy, postpartum, for times of sickness & times of good health. Through yoga I managed to help heal my own back problems & improve & maintain my mental state of health.

My Teaching Style

I don’t think there is a name or particular style that describes my yoga teaching, no two yoga classes are ever quite the same. I often prefer to teach yoga spontaneously, rather than impose a set-in-stone class plan on my students. A bit like a birth plan, we teachers have to be prepared to tear it up & cater to what’s in front of us on the mats!

Sometimes in my yoga classes I may teach a more free form, flowing movement led yoga linking yoga poses to the breath. Other yoga classes are more restorative, yin based or gentle & meditative. In all my yoga classes it is my intention to create a safe space for students to find their own path towards inner stillness & self-knowledge. To take stewardship of their own wellbeing & good health.

My yoga philosophy

By nature I dislike dogma. I hope in my yoga teaching that I can help people to realise that there is no right or wrong in yoga. As long as their yoga practice is safe & enjoyable, yoga should feel very free & liberating. For me yoga is not be about perfecting a complicated pose, obsessing about precision or how our body looks superficially in an asana. Frankly I prefer to leave that to the ‘ashtangees’ , the ‘Instagram yoga addicts’ & the gymnasts.

We can never cease to be amazed at what our own unique body can do when we treat it with patience & kindness at any stage in our lives.

Yoga is about remaining true to who we are, about learning humility, compassion & keeping our egos firmly to one side. It’s about creating balance in our lives. I always place a strong emphasis on the importance of our breath to cope with what life throws us (both on & off the yoga mat). To work in collaboration with ourselves & our bodies not in conflict. Heaven knows, there’s already enough conflict in the world, without bringing it into our own lives or yoga practice.

My classes are less about chanting & oming & more about finding a space to feel healthy, happy & safe. They’re about having fun, they’re occasionally challenging & always about not taking yoga, ourselves or life too seriously. Above all they’re about being a small part of the global community & all the many limbs of yoga.

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Forever learning

I don’t consider myself to be a fully-fledged yoga teacher & I’m not sure I ever will be. I prefer to acknowledge that like my students I am also an apprentice of yoga & that I will never have learned everything there is to know in my lifetime. I am just happy to have the opportunity to share my uncomplicated interpretation of yoga with others & get to know some lovely like-minded people on the way.

Surely all of us are seeking inner, contentment, stillness & strength, moments to rest & digest, to be at peace with the world & with ourselves?

This to me is the essence of yoga in its simplest form & we don’t need to be wise old sages, international yoga gurus or have bendy, superhuman bodies to enjoy it.

Elisa Williams Yoga Teacher